What does the new Finnish authorities say in regards to the nation’s commitment to equality?

You might not see it, but ultra-Orthodox women are offended

Only milder alcoholic drinks could be bought at grocery stores. Strong alcoholic drinks are purchased from authorities regulated Alko stores. Driving a automotive drunk is prohibited and might lead to a severe punishment. In Finland, it’s thought of impolite to interrupt folks when they are speaking. Finns usually wait for their discussion partners to complete earlier than speaking themselves.


I have facilitated and informed numerous public-personal partnerships around the globe that have successfully impacted women’s enterprise management, employment, and entrepreneurship. This has largely been via relationship building, influencing and motivating senior private and public sector leadership to adopt research agendas that inform personal sector motion and authorities insurance policies. Focusing on the enterprise case, I have also led multiple initiatives across industries and geographies, closing systemic gender gaps while fostering non-public sector gains in productiveness, competitiveness, and innovation.

As a finn I suppose that is one thing which could be very badly in Finland but I suppose the most finns are pleased with situation. They answer when asked what they think about scenario “It does not matter! Everywhere else in Europe individuals would allmost riot if that they had similar state of affairs but not in Finland where individuals are fairly passive anyway.

It can be Scandinavian peninsula or Scandinavian languages. If we discuss peninsula, the place name comes from Scandinavian mountains, then its Norway, Sweden and Finland where these mountains are. If we speak about language Scandinavia then you can add Iceland, Denmark and autonomous countries like Faroe Islands and Åland Islands there. Finnish language is completely different than Scandinavian, but Sweden can also be Official language in Finland.