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1 10 Assadeq Albendag Determination of Refractive Index Along High Altitude Platform Station’s Link
3 73 Mohamed S. Alshulle, Ismaeil S. Amer and Abd-Alkader A. Agnya Performance Optimization of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for WLAN and LTE 4G Technologies
4 74 Mohamed S. Alshulle, Haneen M. Nmresh, Isra A. Salh and Abd Elhamed S. Abd Elhamed Performance Evaluation of Communication System using OFDM Technique
5 99 Fozuy Alarbi Microwave Attenuation and Cross-Polarization Due To Suspended Dust Particles in Air During Sand Storms on Microwave Link (Al-Joufrah Region)
6 111 Tarig Algadey and Monish Chatterjee Negative index in lossy Metamaterial
7 123 Abdelkader Salama Speckle Noise Removal from Medical Ultrasound Images
8 124 Mostafa Abuitbel, Ahmed M. Aljerbi, Mustafa M. Aljerbi and Zaineb A. Alnejar Review of Performance of Mobile Communication Technology using HSPA+ Protocol
9 126 Adel Saad Emhemmed, Ahmed Mohamed Alarbi and Amer Rajab Zerek Evaluation of PO Approximation’s Accuracy in Measuring Radar RCS for Complex Objects
10 138 Bashir Mohammed. A. Khamoudi and Alzahrah Saeid Mansourabd-Aldaem Improve the Phase Error of 90° Hybrid Coupler Using Extended Transmission Line Method
11 157 A. Elhawil Elhawil, Saad A. Talha, M. Almezoghi Almezoghi and K. Abdieljwad Abdieljwad A Developed Text Compression Method for Image Stenography
12 173 Milad Elhadi Ashour and Mohamed Mostafa Burkhiss A performance comparison digital control machine designing techniques
13 181 Abdullah Masrub and Mohamed Alahemar SIM Boxing Problem: ALMADAR ALJADID Case Study
14 183 Amhamed Atiya Light beam behavior through optical and laser devices, Fabry–Pérot Etalon & optical amplifier approach
15 186 Abdulati Abdullah, Moustafa Abdalla and Ibrahim Shati Performance of MIMO Techniques over Rayleigh Fading Channel with Alamouti Space Time Block Coding
16 187 Abobaker Albishti and Khaled Suleiman Design of Meander Line Dual Band Dipole Antenna With Harmonic Trap
17 211 Ibtihal Elshami, Ali Elgayar and Jafri Din Characterization of Concurrent Rain Attenuation and Tropospheric Scintillation in Tropical Region at 12.2 GHz
18 215 Bashir Mohammed. A. Khamoudi and Alzahrah Saeid Mansour Abd-Aldaem Improve Phase Shift of 90° Hybrid Using Single Stub Method
19 216 Haniya D.Ali, Abdulaziz H. Daw and Said Elkhetali Effect of Substrate Material On the Performance Of Rectangular Patch Antenna Design & Analysis
20 219 Alseddig Elzowawi, Osama Wafa and M Elsherif Investigation of the Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Performance under PS-PWM Strategy
21 241 Ramdan A M Khalifa, Salem Rajab Alferjani, Mohamed Muftah Elbuiashi and Hazem Ashor Abolholl Waiting-Time Analysis for Wimax in Variable priorities between stations
22 244 Hafed Efheij, Abdulgani Albagul and Muhammad Abdulla Muhammad Telemetry Home Automation Based on ZIGbEE
23 252 Abdullah Hassoun and Ali Ganoun Comparison of Various Digital Filters for Speech Signals Filtering
24 272 Youssef Omran Gdura, Amna Mohamed Elhawil and Ali Moftah Balaid A Client-Server Application to Avoid Unexpected Traffic Congestion
25 297 Nafaa M. Shebani, Zeyad M. Elkwash and Rowaida K. Almoneer Prediction of Rain Attenuation at the C, X, Ku and Ka Bands for Fixed Satellite System Based on ITU-R Model in Libya
26 309 Reyad Alfarah Using different nano-grating shapes for the reduction of reflection losses in solar cells
27 313 Abdul-Raouf Hajres, Husam-Alden Ahmed Omar and Masoud Eddaghel Performance of MIMO System Based on OSTC Technique over AWGN and Flat Fading Channels
28 314 Omar Abu-Ella, Ahmed Elnairia and Mohammed Zubia Pathloss Modeling for 5G Millimeter Wave Communications
29 315 Omar Abu-Ella, Anas Iwhida and Mohamed Kablan Massive MIMO Modeling for the Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems
30 332 Salaheddine H. Kanoun, Nabil M. Drawil and Musbah G. Saad Enhancement of Speech Recognition: An Efficient Speech Pace-Insensitive Approach
31 333 Salaheddin H. Kanoun, Nabil M. Drawil, Ahmed A. Almehdawi and Musbah G. Saad A Speech Recognition System for Isolated Words Using Ensemble-based Classifier
32 334 Osama A. S. Alkishriwo and Raneem A. Aboughalia Color Image Encryption Based on Chaotic Block Permutation and XOR Operation
33 341 Ahmed A H. Altaher and Hasan A. Madi Investigating Conformance of Modern Communication Networks inside Modern Digital Substations
34 358 Hamza Amr .D.Awhaida, Khairia Belgith and Bashir Mohammed. A. Khamoudi Comparison of Techniques for Calculation of The Input Impedance of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna
35 360 Bashir Mohammed. A. Khamoudi and Eman Mohamed Alnegrat Design and Analysis of Crescent Antenna For GPS and Bluetooth Applications
36 365 Mohammed Ali Dyab, Keheria Balgeth and Adel Saad Emhemmed Modeling And Design Of Frequency Selective Surface for GSM and UMTS Frequency Bands
37 367 Khadija.S. Embais and Abdalgader Ibrahim Atwati Analysis and Design of different Feeding Techniques for Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
38 409 Abdalftah A. Ali and Abdelkader S. Akki Coverage and capacity dimensioning of super Wi-Fi Network in a specific region in Hay Alandalus municipality
40 434 Abdurahman E. Saleh High Density Impulse noise Removal in Images Using (CWMF) and (ERMF)
41 438 Omar Ali Zargelin and Khansa A. M. Shallof Design of Sub Local Area Network and Performance Evaluation
43 456 Hisham Amin Alhejaji and Mohamed Ghretli SIMULATION OF MULTI-CHANNEL DWDM EDFA USING DIFFERENT PUMPING WAVELENGTHS (980 and 1480 nm)
44 458 Seif Rhouma and Khaled Dadesh Low Cost, Tilt Free and High Altitude Ultrasonic Anemometer
45 469 Soad Emhemmed Jaddour, Wafa Mohammed Obied and Ahmed Emhemmed Jaddour Image compression using Discrete Cosine Trnasform (DCT)
46 489 Issa Eldbib, Ahmed Shaglouf and Faraj Abukalash FILTER BASED CCII RAIL TO RAIL INPUT STAGE
47 490 Issa Eldbib, Ahmed Shaglouf and Abedaftah Ali Elahwil Enhanced Impedance of Current Mirrors in low voltage
48 495 Maisa Mahmoud Karmous and Elfurjani Sasi Mresa Decision Support Model for Call Routing System
49 509 Hwaida Edkakani and Shubat Senoussi Ahmeda Quality of Service Enhancment for International Voice Traffic
50 512 Salah Zahed and Abdulbaset Altuhami Non-Sensing Based Spectrum Handoff Modelling in Cognitive Radio Networks
51 525 Ali Atiah, Hasan A. Madi and Abdelhamid Naid UWB Antenna Design and performance for Onbody Concealed weapon applications
52 537 نافع محمد الشيباني, رنيم رمضان العزابي and مودة عبدالسلام قرقب تقدير قيمة التوهين بالأمطار باستخدام نموذج الاتحاد الدولي للاتصالات ) ITU 618-10 ( في مسار القمر الصناعي عربسات 6B مع المحطات الأرضية في ليبيا عند النطاقات الترددية
54 543 Nagla Ahmed Abuzgaia Exploiting colors in visible light communications: an overview
55 549 Mohamed S. Alshulle and Sara Ali. Alshibani A Modified MVDR Beamforming for nulling of Wideband Interferance Signals.
56 553 Ahmed O. Hidara and Marai M Abousetta Improved Design of Micro-strip Yagi Antenna Array at 60GHz
57 555 Marai M. Abousetta, Hudi A. Ali and Sara M.M. Daerah Enhancement of Radio/Fiber System Using Microwave Photonic Up-Conversion at C-band
58 557 Osama. A. Ounellah and Marai M. Abousetta Maltiband H-Shaped Microstrip Antenna For Wireless Application

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