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1 32 Elham Yakhlef Abushwashi ARP Spoofing Attacks; Simulation and Countermeasures
2 60 Ayad Keshlaf and Eman Bozkhar Internet Of Things Based Technology: IoTTD Approach for Early Alerting About Hazardous and Prohibited Substances
3 62 Abdulmonam Alahrash and Ayad Keshlaf ICECR Framework to Identify and Control Cloud Based E-Government Risks
4 82 Omar Mabrok Bouzid, Mohamad Abdulaziz Abodena and Ayad Ali Keshlaf Low Cost Water Level Monitoring System Based on IoT Technology
5 93 Areej Abugrain and Ali Ganoun Libyan Vehicles License Plates Localization System using Neural Networks
6 95 Marwa Abdulhakim Sherif and Safa Abdulhakim Sherif SMART BUILDING Using EEG Signal Controller & Web Application
7 121 Hend M. Farkash Farkash and Mona A. El.Zuway Electrocardiogram Signal Diagnosis Using Supervised Artificial Neural Network
8 131 Anis Elgarduh, Abdalhamed Alkawash and Abdelmhsan Elbandac Evaluation and Justification of Processor Cache Designs Through Simulation
9 142 Heba A. Alshiref, Ghaida S. Alsaety and Mohammed T. Radwan WAN Technologies Principles & Revolution (Frame Relay & MPLS Implementation)
10 153 Gharam Abbas and Ali Ganoun Performance Analysis of Face Recognition System
11 164 Elhusain Saad Improving Matching of Feature Descriptors Using Statistics of Detected Features
12 176 Nadia Aboalgasm, Amer. Daeri and Ibrahim A Almerhag Effect of Channel Multipath Fading and Node Trajectory on VoIP QoS in WiMAX Networks
13 190 Nuha Omran Abokhdair, Mohamed Ab. Sultan and Enas Ayad An Experimental Study of the Effect of AES in Combination with 2D Lower Triangular Chaotic Map
14 194 Aboobaker Elhouni, Ameera Otheman and Adel Smeda Comparison of VoIP Performance over WIMAX, WLAN and WIMAX – WLAN Integrated Networks
15 197 Tarek S. Ghmati and Shubat S. Ahmeda Threshold Secret Sharing Authentication Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
16 207 Nasser Abuhamoud and Emsaieb Geepalla Using Neo4j For Fraud Detection In Banks Sector
17 217 Abdussalam Alhadi Addeeb and Mohammed Hussein Abuzgaia Cascaded Adaptive Filter For Image Restoration
18 220 Adel Ali Eluheshi and Amira Shlebik Plotting Matlab Maps for Hazard Areas Via GPS Android Application and MySQL Database
19 234 Khaled Shalghum Improving the Performance of Uplink Scheduling Algorithm using OFDM-TDMA Technique in PMP WiMAX networks
20 248 Balsam Huta and Ali Ganoun Performance Analysis of Using Digital Filters for Denoising ECG signals
21 250 Mohammed Elborawi and Ali Ganoun Real Time Vehicles Detection and License Plates Recognition System
22 256 Salah Althloothi Human Action Recognition Using Spherical Harmonics Representation of Depth Maps
23 258 Alhadi Alajeili and Abdelsalam Almarimi Vulnerability Analysis of Web Applications
24 260 Musbah Mohammed Elahresh The Role of Data Structures in Multi- Programming Languages
25 273 Ferdose Almarimi and Moammer Abdullaziz HUMAN IRIS RECOGNITION USING CORRELATION MATRIX
26 275 Amal J. Mahfoud, Khadija F. O. Algheitta and Ali H. Maamar Design of a Self Checking Down Counter
27 295 Adel Ali Eluheshi, Salih Saad Garash and Mohamed Ghretli “Audio Codecs Impact on Quality of VoIP over mobile WiMAX Networks in handover process”
28 298 جمال بشير أوهيبة خوارزمية جينية بلغة R لحل نماذج البرمجة الخطية
29 300 Muhmed F. Agbisha, Ahmed M. Isheiba and Jalal M. Mehalhal Encrypt The Text and Hide it in the RGB Image using three Pointers of color
30 319 Iman Namroud, Khlood Belhasan and Moammer Abdullaziz Libyan License Plate Recognition
31 342 Azeddien Sllame, Esraa Hema and Huda Al-Najem Performance Comparison of VoIP over MPLS-Based Networks with RSVP Protocol Using SIP, H.323 Signaling Protocols
33 353 Khalid Abdelkader, Ramadan Arfa and Manal Mukhtar Developing social electronic services for children with special needs “Autistic children”
34 355 Ahmed Mohamed Abugarain and Elhadi Saleh Eldulfag Semantic Image Annotation And Retrieval System
35 357 Nisreen Benltayef Data Center Virtualization
36 379 رمضان خريبيش عبدالحميد WEB Based Decision Support System for Employee Recruitment Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
37 391 Ali F. A . Kaeib and Osama A. S. Abourodes Implementation of Data Encryption Standard algorithm on Field Programable Gate Arrays
38 392 Albahlool Abood, El Bahlul Fgee and Adel Ali Eluheshi Quality Of Service (QoS) Performance Evaluation of VoIPv6 Codecs in fixed and Mobile WiMAX Networks
39 403 عبدالعزيز محمود سويب and محمود محمد الصغير using Phan’s algorithm in Internet Protocol Security
40 404 رمضان السيد الفرد Libyan Dialect Named Entity Recognition Based on Rule-Based Approach
41 419 Abduladeam Abdullah and Mohamad Abdullah Encryption of optical image using fractional Fourier transform and chaos theory
42 421 Omar A. Shgeim, Ahmed A. Arara, Elbahlul E. Elfgee and Abduassalam S. Shlibek Analysis and Evaluation QoS of VoIP over WiMAX and 3G/UMTS Networks
43 430 Salaheddine H. Kanoun, Nabil M. Drawil and Musbah G. Saad Impact of Speech-Feature-Alignment on Dynamic Time Warping in Speech Recognition
44 435 محمد ابوالقاسم الرتيمي and عائشه محفوظ حمدي تحديات تطبيق تقنيات أنظمة الدفع الالكتروني في ليبيا
45 444 Musbah Mohammed Elahresh and Amal Omar Al-Nori Referential Data Coding for Disk Space Utilization
46 464 Mohamed Ghretli, Ratiba Shalbout, Sabri Shmeekh and Mohamed Rgeai Automation and Management of Computer Networks using Python Language Scripts
47 467 Mohamed Ghretli, Malak Alwarfli, Hala Daggez and Adel Eluheshi Comparative Study on Implementation Techniques for Site-to-Site VPNs in Libyan Organizations
48 473 Nadia Hmad, Abdulrahman Alalshekmubarak and Tony Allen A comperative study between Deep Neural Networks and Echo State Networks models on the Levantine Arabic corpus
49 483 Walid Abdalla Ramdhan Abdalla Semantic Web and Role of Ontology in its Development
50 484 Faten Taha Almadhoun and Ahmed Yousef Ben Sasi A Hybrid DWT-DCT Algorithm for Digital Image Watermarking
51 501 Dr. Mahmoud Eljadid and Prof. Amar Aggoun Computer Generation of 3D Integral Imaging Animations
52 502 Dr. Mahmoud Eljadid, Prof. Amar Aggoun and Dr. Osama Youssef New 3D Holoscopic Images Content Format
53 516 Abdulbaset Altuhami and Salah Zahed An energy efficient approach for topology management in large scale computer networks
54 522 Zuher Mesken Imbarak Ebra and Amal Mustafa Musbahi Comparing between MSP and TOA in localization estimation
55 524 Amal Mustafa Musbahi and Zuher Mesken Imbarak Ebra SMACOF algorithm for Localization in WSN
56 528 Nada Ayad Ashok and Elfurjani Sasi Mresa Data Link Layer Attacks and Security Techniques: An Overview
57 529 Najat Atbaiga and Francoise Siewe Formal Specification of a Context-aware Whiteboard System in CCA
58 532 Rema Asheibani Saad, Adnan Abushagur and Mohammed Qaja Implementing High Availability by Redundancy Protocols on Juniper Devices and Comparing the Performance Between Them
59 542 Mohamed A Hassan, Mokhled S Al-Tarawneh and Ali Ukasha Chaff Points Encapsulation for Cancelable Fingerprint Features
60 546 Ahmed Salem Alardawi, Babak Khazaei and Abdulhakim Mouloud Danns The Role of Problem Decomposition In Program Comprehension of Example Program
61 551 Sami F Alahmar and Omar O Aldawibi Optimum Routing Protocol for Static Wireless Ad-Hoc Network