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1 6 Salah Eddin Elgdamsi, Abdalla Fadel and Abdulkarim Salih Effect of Distribution Generation on Power System Losses & Voltage Regulation Based OPF
2 13 Abdulkarim Salih, Abdalla Fadel and Salah Eddin Elgdamsi A comparative study for optimal replanning of A 30KV Distribution network based on Economic dispatch (ED) and optimal load flow (OPF) with and without DG penetration
3 16 Mohamed Mhereeg, Abdoul Aziz Zongo, Manal Shlebik, Abdalla Fadel and Adel Elghadi The Automation of the Billing System in GECOL Using Smart Metering Services
4 19 Mohamed Almaktar, Saad Muftah, Salem Marimi and Naser Naily Economic Study on the Implementation of Feed in Tariff for Photovoltaic Technology in Libya
5 23 Ali Ibrahim Krimid, Masoud Ali Salim and Abdalla Idris Fadel Optimal Distribution Planning of (66KV) Electric Network base on Isolating Grid Operation with DG Penetration
6 24 Masoud Ali Salim, Ali Ibrahim Krimid and Abdalla Idris Fadel Effect of Distributed Generation on Network Short Circuits
7 25 Hussein Melad Alfared and Abdalla I. Fadel Power Loss Minimization and Voltage Profile Improvement of a Distribution System Using Optimal Size and Location of Distribution Generation
9 33 Khalid Ateea Alfaitori, Nagi Buaossa, Haytham Yousef Mahmoud Mustafa and Ahmed Tahir Mathematical Model and Sensitivity Analysis of a Parallel 3-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
10 34 Nagi Buaossa, Haytham.Yousef.Mahmoud Mustafa, Khalid Ateea Alfaitori, Elsenoussi Y Bubaker Daoud and Ahmed Tahir A Comparative Study between Sine-Triangular Modulation and Six-Step Modulation Techniques for Three Phase Inverters
11 45 Ibrahim Abdalgader Mira, Ahmed Guma Alseed and M.K. Jalboub Optimal Operation and Economic Dispatch for The Combined Cycle of Alharsha Power Plant
12 46 Essam Ali Aky, M.K Jalboub and Mahmud Abotraba Enhancement of voltage stability in power system using the Static Synchronous Compensator
13 48 Mahmud.A. Abotraba, M.K Jalboub and Osama.A Elmshakwi Identification the Best Location of the Unified Power Flow Controller and Its impact on the power System Operation
14 49 Ahmed Guma Alseed and Ibrahim Abdalgader Mira Optimal Distribution Planning of Agilat Electric Network
15 63 Manal Shlebik, Fathi Musa, Mohamed Mhereeg, Abdallah Fadel and Muna Shlebik The Automatic Detection of Power Theft in Libyan Electricity Network
16 65 Ahmed Abdulkarim and Ali I. El Gayar Effect of Wind Velocity on the Clearances of Transmission line Tower Top Geometries
17 66 Abosalah Elmehdi, Mohammed Alqmati and Mahmmud Hassan Dynamics and Harmonics Reduction of Wind Farm Systems: Analytical Study
18 85 Adnan Salama Krzma Study the Electrical Performance of 11 kV Porcelain Outdoor High Voltage Insulators
19 88 Osama Mohammed Abd- Al-Rhman Re planning and Redesign Considerations of Az-zawia (11 kV) Low Voltage Electric Distribution Power System Network
20 91 Mahmud.A Abotraba, Abdalla Idris Fadel and Essam A.Aky Economic Operation of Libyan Western Electric Network Based on OPF and ED Algorithms.
21 97 Abdulwahid Abraheem Khalleefah Neural Network Application for Short Term Load Forecast of the Western Libyan electric Network
22 104 Milad Bashiri, Malak Farhat and Faysil Zreeq Evaluation of Fluorescent Lamp Experimentally and by Computer Simulations
23 109 Abdullatif Musa and Abdulsalam Alaktiwi Cycle Improvements to Steam Injected MCFC/Gas Turbine Systems
24 127 Salah Mousa, I. Najem, O. Wehida, A. Khlifa and A. Kagilik Optimization of Tilt Angle for Extracting Maximum Power from Photovoltaic Modules
25 159 Mansour Hashad, Abdulrahman Mohammed and Saed Alshaykh Arduino – Matlab based flickermeter ( Realization and verification according to IEC 61000-4-15 standard)
26 189 Abdulhakim Treki An overview for network future development in a rapid expansion city
27 212 Jamal Ali Ramadan, Alsadeg M. Alkish and Khalifa Ali M. Kosha Thermal Model for Calculating Transformer Hot-Spot Temperature Using IEC Loading Guide
29 224 Hazem Zubi and Mohamed Eltorky Electrical Distribution Network of Almadar AL-Gadid Telecom Company Data Centre Assessment
30 226 Ali I El Gayar, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek and Ibtihal Elshami AC Total Interference between Faulted Power Line and Nearby Steel Structure .
31 246 Mohamed Fathi Bara, Belkasem T Magid Obadi and Salma Belal Ali Application of Security Enhancement Analysis to Libyan 220/400 KV Transmission Network
33 249 Belkasem Taher Obadi and Salma Belal Ali Technical Losses Reduction For Libyan Power Network
34 255 أحمد الشائبي, محمد ارحيم and فوزي قشوط دور المنظومات الكهروضوئية والمولدات الاحتياطية في تخفيض فاتورة الوقود بالشركة العامة للكهرباء في ليبيا وتغطية الطلب الذروي
35 261 M . El-Moktar Ali Hussan and Ibrahim Shlaibek The Effect of input data and modeling on the results of switching overvoltage
36 263 Muad Sherif, M Bashiri, N Giali and M Elwdad Study of Plasma Parameters under Different Gas Pressures
37 267 Amani Essed Elhaji, Ibrahim Jleta and Abdelhamid Anter Evaluate the Reliability and Availability of Substation Automation Architecture using FTA
38 268 محمد التجاني درفون, اسراء تاج الدين غرياني, هدى صالح حصن and زياد عبدالهادي العربي إيجاد المكان والحجم الأفضل للتوليد الموزع في نظم التوزيع الكهربائية الشعاعية
39 280 Rashid Nasser Al Feras and Abubaker Omran Zawam Introduce State Estimation Algorithm to Increase Distributed Generation Penetration into Distribution Network
41 306 Abubaker Omran Zawam, Rashid Nasser Al Feras and Salah G. Abokhatwa Measurements and Rated Voltage Enlargement of PTC Using Semiconductor Devices for Repetitive High-Speed Current Limiter Applications
42 311 Almonir Algnoni Comparative Study of the Performance of Mon-crystalline, Polycrystalline and Amorphous silicon using Homer Software
43 348 ستار جابر العيساوي and صلاح مفتاح الاطرش تأثير توقفات قواطع الدورة 30 ك ف على الانتاج في المحطة الرئيسية بالشركة الليبية للحديد والصلب مصراتة
44 371 Omer G. Mrehel, Alsadeg M. Alkish and Nasser A. Alabed Rotor angle stability Improvement by using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC)
45 377 Ibrahim E. Abdualkafi and Ali A. Mehna Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Grid-Connected PV-Wind Turbine Microgrid System using MATLAB/SIMULINK
46 389 Mariam El Forgani A road map for achieving the renewable energy target in Libya
47 394 Omar G.Mrehel, Khaled E.Sh.Ghambirlou and Anas Ali Ahnkhli Investigation of Small Signal Stability for Two Area System
48 395 Omar. G. Mrehel, Mohammed K. Alnaass and Farah M. Al Filali Design a Graphical User Interface Model for Power Transformer Differential Relay
49 396 Ibrahim Mohamed Saleh and Radwa M. Abosnina Toward Utilizing PV Systems as Mini Generators in Libyan Electric Network
50 402 Abdalla M. Al-Kelsh and Fatimah M. Alwaer Design of a typical village, in north Libya, supplied with renewable energies, and desalinated seawater
51 437 Nouri Ali Daw and Khaled Esmail.Sh.Ghambirlou Experimental, simulation results comparison and measurements of the current total harmonic distortion (THDi) and Power factor distortion calculation for three phase Induction motor with different torque values
52 454 Asmail Abdulkadr Mohamed Estimation of wind Energy Potential in Four Locations in Libya
53 487 Adel Salem Sultan Comparative Study between Porcelain and Silicone Polymer Lightning Arresters under Direct Lighting Strokes for A 400KV Substation Protection
54 491 Asharif Almraid, Abdalfettah Asharaa and Esam Algadhi Impacts of PVDG on Distribution System taking Libyan network as case study
55 492 Esam Alqadhi, Abdalfettah Asharaa and Asharif Almraid Comparative study for optimal re-planning of Libyan western boarder 30 K.V system using the conventional methods and distribution generation penetration method
57 507 Adel Rafa Fault Ride-Through of Systems with High Penetration of Small-Scale Embedded Generation
58 519 Ibrahim. H. Tawil and Hassan Abdulkader Thermodynamic Study of Operation Properties Effect on Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM)
59 536 Otman Imrayed, I. Daho, H Amreiz and A. Ahtaiba Subcritical & Supercritical Neimark-Sacker Bifurcation in DCM Boost Converter
60 552 Labib Daloub, Abdulatif Kharwat, Ahmed Alhamruni and Mohamed Rgeai Scenarios of Power Supply to Remote Area Network A Prospective Model for Libyan Off-Grid Smart Village
61 559 Eman Almonsef Naser Low frequency oscillation analysis with PSS parameter variation
62 561 Omar. G. Mrehe and Khaled. A. S. Albgar Design and Simulation of a large Scale PV Power Generation in Ben-Walid City
63 566 Abdunnaser Sassi Shamekh and Ahmed Kamal Comparing the different methods to reduce the starting induction motors of Al-Majed Steel Factory
64 567 Labib Daloub, Abdulatif Kharwat and Rida Altorshani Voltage Stability Enhancements in Regional Part of the Libyan Power Grid
65 568 I. S. Naser, M. A. Alsharif, M. N. Hussin and M. A. Alrmah Evaluation the Impact of Wind Generation on Transmission Network Power Losses

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